Through my network of successful Head Teachers and Senior Leaders I can work with you, your leadership team, your governors and your Board to provide a School Improvement Partner Service to enable you and your school to improve and develop.

School improvement and development

You may already be an ‘outstanding school’ and want a different external perspective or you may be a school that is improving and needs support in making the change happen. Our ethos is not to judge, but to support, guide and to work with you as a partner to make you and your school a success.

School improvement strategies

To enable you to continue your improvement journey, it is essential your improvement strategies are clear and robust. The development and presentation of your plan needs to work for you as the school leader and for your different audiences that interact with it. I can provide a system of development which ensures your plan has clarity and specific milestones to enable you to track your journey of improvement and success.

School evaluation

In the ever-changing landscape of education, it is essential that you use a variety of evaluation tools.  Effective school evaluation not only evaluates your current progress but also helps you identify your next steps on your journey to success.  The service I provide will ensure this process links and supports to your school improvement plan.

Consultancy services

The consultancy services I provide can be stand alone or as an on-going partner in your school’s journey to improvement. Below are examples of the sort of services I can provide. Please call me to discuss your needs.

Design and delivery of Inset Days, Twilight sessions and bespoke training events

It is important that you and your staff receive Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and by working with you and your team we will build development programmes that works for your school culture, ethos and policies.

Supporting new and existing Head Teachers

Are you a new Head Teacher or are you an existing Head Teacher that needs some support or do you need someone on the end of a phone that you can have a confidential conversation with or just bounce some ideas off of? We can provide either a telephone support or an on-site support (or a mix of both), so there is always someone there for you.

Supporting Head Teacher Performance reviews

Are you a Chair of Governors or Board Director and have your Head Teacher Performance Review or Mid Year Review coming up soon? Would you like help in preparing for the meeting, whether it is making sure you understand the presented data or forming those great questions, give us a call and we will gladly help you.

Data Analysis

Data is a necessary evil in your school, but do your Governors or Staff really understand the data that is being presented to them? Would you like help in explaining it to them? Do you have an effective action plan in place to support the data? If you need support around your data, contact us.

School Website Review and Compliance and if required re-design

Your school website is the window to your school where you can display all the great work you are doing and give key information to your parents and the wider education community, but is your website compliant? Let us audit your website and if needed, we will make recommendations for change.

Safeguarding audits

Keeping your children safe is a key priority for all schools. When was the last time you audited but more importantly tested your safeguarding processes? Did they work? Were there any gaps? Do you have a safeguarding strategy and action plan? Do you have a Central Record System in place? If you would like a fresh pair of eyes to look at your safeguarding policies and procedures, give us a call.

Governor and Board Director Training

Are you a Chair of Governors or a Board Director or Member? Does everyone understand their roles or do they know about the recent changes in Governance or would you benefit from a Governor or Board training sessions? We can work with you to deliver bespoke training to ensure you are as effective and knowledgeable as you can be.

Performance Management

It is important the school maximises the potential of its people. By ensuring you have robust people management systems and processes in place allows you to identify your high performers and manage and support those employees not performing to the standards you require. I can support you in building a simple but effective process ensuring your leaders and people set school driven objectives and goals, giving opportunities for feedback and discussion and to establish stretching personal development goals.

Other support areas

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Early Years including Pre-School and 2 years old provision
  • Subject Leadership
  • Curriculum Development