By having competent managers in your business or school can help you build your organisation to its highest potential.  I will help you unlock the talent you know is already there and ensure everyone is given maximum opportunity to succeed.


The recruitment of high performing staff is crucial to your business success, but attracting people to your business can be time consuming and costly. It is important to get a plan in place first with a robust recruitment strategy and plan. I can help you with:

  • Pre-recruitment planning: workforce planning, role profiling, job descriptions, salary benchmarking, establishing the right tone for your advertising campaigns, building robust selection criteria;
  • Recruitment activities: do you want to do telephone or face to face interviews, skills testing, psychometrics, setting up an assessment centre, defining the questions you want to ask and which you should actually ask;
  • Post recruitment: Helping you construct the right employment contract and offer of employment. Building an induction programme that ensures your new employee settles into their new role and the organisation as quickly as possible. Then supporting your manager mange their new team member during the probationary period and ensuring the correct process are in place to enable that to happen in a supportive way.
  • Training: I can provide your managers with the necessary training to enable them to be the best interviewers they can be and help you bring the right people into your organisation.

Performance management

It is important the organisation maximises the potential of its people. By ensuring you have robust people management systems and processes in place allows you to identify your high performers and manage and support those employees not performing to the standards you require. I can support you in building a simple but effective appraisal process ensuring your managers and people set business driven objectives and goals, giving opportunities for feedback and discussion and to establish stretching personal development goals.

Managing poor performance

There are meetings and steps that managers have to follow to ensure the correct support is given to an employee who is not performing to the standards you require. I can help you put these steps into place to ensure you don’t fall foul on employment law but also help you support that employee to become a fully functioning and engaged member of the team again.

Managing disciplinary situations

There are clearly defined meetings and processes an organisation must follow when handling a disciplinary situation: from how the investigation is handled and reported on, to the actual disciplinary meeting itself, the right of the employee to be accompanied and the letters that need to be issued. I can support your managers through this process and provide the necessary training and coaching to ensure they learn from the experience.

Workplace disputes

It is inevitable that workplace disputes will happen. I can support your managers with the investigation of claims but also provide you with a mediation service that will help all parties come to an agreement and move forward.

Managing sickness absence

People in the organisation will be sick from time to time and will take varying lengths of time off to recuperate. Sickness absence however can add a significant cost to the business and with strict monitoring and reporting processes in place your managers can take a proactive approach to managing their teams.  I can ensure those processes are in place and support your managers with training and coaching through the sometimes difficult return to work interviews.

I also have an Occupational Health Adviser as one of my strategic partners who can help either on a one to one basis or strategic basis in improving the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

People development and training

Investing in your people and supporting their individual development gives you the foundations to build a high performing organisation. Delivering through my extensive strategic partner network I can support you with a number of high impact interventions:

  • Talent management: To grow and develop talent reduces the risks of knowledge loss or skills gaps to the organisation
  • Leadership development: Whether you want bespoke training for one manager or your executive team I have a suite of interventions and learning activities to develop the managers and leaders of your organisation
  • Management skills training: I have the ability to develop bespoke learning opportunities and courses to fit your organisation’s needs


People will leave your organisation will happen from time to time. This may be voluntary or through redundancy or TUPE to another organisation or they may be dismissed. Employment Law and robust processes underpins the exit process and it is important that an organisation has a leaver procedure in place.  This should cover such things as correct notice periods, how to manage the end of fixed term contracts, to remembering to collect keys, passes and equipment, to what questions will be asked in an exit interview.

There are times when organisations may have to make the difficult decision to make some of their people redundant.  It is a complex process to go through and to ensure you keep on the right side of legislation, in particular about selection criteria, notice periods, consultation, involvement of unions or employee representatives, contact me and I will help you every step of the way.