Having the right people, in the right place and working to their highest potential is critical to the success of your business, I will provide the strategic and operational support to enable you to lead and manage your business effectively.

Organisational design and development

It is crucial your organisational structure and culture reflects the needs of your business. Having the right people, in the right place, at the right time, doing the right job, in the right way is key to your business success.  I can help you construct an organisation to allow you to do your business more effectively.

Managing change

Change is inevitable, but managing your people through the change process is vital to getting your business back on track as soon as possible.  Having robust people and communications plans in place to support the transition is key. People naturally follow the change curve and knowing what to look for and how to manage that process is vital for the business leaders. I can help you and you teams manage the change.

Reward and recognition

It is import to have a robust reward and recognition strategies in place to ensure people are rewarded fairly for what they do. I recognise that money is tight, so let me help you build a cost effective reward strategy.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement has a major impact on the organisation’s success.  Leaders should understand what their people are thinking and to seek feedback from them about things that are important to them. It is equally important that your people see the business taking their views on board and acting upon them. I can support that process and help you build strong action plans and monitoring strategies.

Employment legislation advice

It is difficult to keep up to date with UK employment legislation. It is constantly changing and new legislation is being updated and introduced on a regular basis. Falling foul of employment law can be very costly not just in the actual cost of defending a claim in a tribunal but there are huge reputational consequences.  Expert advice and guidance not only means you can avoid unnecessary claims but I will help you put in the necessary strategies and policies to mitigate any employee disputes getting that far.