Free HR advice

Do you have a people issue that you need help with? Or do you just need reassurance that you are dealing with the issue in the right way? Or is the issue now more complex than you originally thought?

Call me for a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION and I will demonstrate to you I can find a solution to your problem.

In the majority of cases I am able to provide the HR advice you will need while on the phone, however if your issue does take longer than 30 minutes to resolve, I will advise you on your next steps.

Please note: I cannot advise individual employees, my Free HR Advice Service is for employers only.

Pay as you go

Do you just need HR advice or support on an adhoc basis without tying yourself into a lengthy commitment? This service can be delivered on the phone, by email or on-site support, all when you need it. The fee for this service is based on an hourly rate or a day rate depending on your requirements and invoiced monthly.

Retained annual contract

My retained annual contract allows you and I to agree the number of hours or days you will require support and advice for each month, with the annual fee being spread over 12 easy monthly instalments. For this monthly fee you can utilise my HR Services on a regular basis giving you a service that has been tailored just for you and your business or school.

The cost of the retained annual contract will be dependent on the number of employees you have and the level of support you require. My services can range from the basic package of HR support and advice with administrative activities, to a full HR business partner service.

School improvement

Are you a local authority school or a stand-alone academy or part of a multi-academy trust? Everyone’s journey to greater success is as individual as the school itself. The school improvement consultancy services I provide can be delivered to you either as a pay as you go service, where you buy a period of time to be used as you need or you can purchase a retained annual contract providing you with a regular improvement partner in your school’s journey to success.

The pay as you go service is based on an hourly rate or a day rate depending on the length of time purchased. This service will be invoiced to you on a monthly basis. The retained annual contract however gives you access to a professional who will work with you on a regular basis with the cost being divided over 12 easy monthly instalments.